Saturday, November 14, 2009

Langelier-Heald, Featherstone's Grille, 11/7/9

November 7th .... a busy cake day and lots of time on the road ... Clay and I started our day travelling to Woodstock.

Featherstone's Grille is a stand-alone restaurant located at the Towne Lake Hills Golf Club. It served as the site of both the ceremony and reception for Deanna Langelier and Marc Heald.

I had the opportunity to see one of my past brides, Jill Keller, who was coordinating this event for Deanna .. I created Jill's groom cake and her brother's wedding and groom cakes. I also learned that Jill was expecting .. I believe she said March 27th was her due date ... Congrats Jill and good luck.

Aqua was the color for the weekend .. both cakes today had aqua detail. In addition to the aqua ribbon border, Deanna's cake had an aqua swirl design on the top and third tiers ... and aqua dots on the middle tier. It looked great. I added white hydrangea and peach roses to the top and miscellaneous placement here and there.

Marc's groom cake was a surprise to him ... the University of Miami logo. Thanks go to Kelley for decorating this one. Great Job !

Thanks to Liz for being able to pick up the plateau that evening ..

Cake photo's to arrive in a couple of weeks !!! Will post as soon as I get them.

On to delivery #2 ....

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