Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hogsett-Albury, Lawrenceville Historic Courthouse, 7/18/9

Clay and I arrive back home from Mableton (delivery #1) in time to load cakes and head to the Old Historic Courthouse in Lawrenceville. Clay really got his work out. If you've ever been to downtown Lawrenceville, parking is hard to come by ... we lucked out and got a spot close to the front of the building. The Cake Wrangler traveled up and down two flights of stairs for each cake .... and there were 5 cakes. He was huffin' and puffin' by the time he was finished.

Antoinette Hogsett came to me with a cake design from a Martha Stewart magazine ..... her colors were alternating peridot (which was a mossy/grayish green) and white. The border was a little different than my norm .... and a little tedious ... it was the bead border, but rather than an all white border, it was 3 beads of green and one bead of white ... all around, each layer.

I've heard that there were a few mishaps with this wedding (low attendance / original photographer (a friend of the couple) backed out and another one was called at 9:30 that morning to fill in) ... but it sure was a picture perfect day for a wedding.

Speaking of photographers ..... THANKS to Derek Wintermute for the quick turnaround of photos ... LOVE this shot .. so crisp and clean. Derek can be contacted thru his website: ... go check him out.
off to delivery #3 .....

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MyRunningJourney said...

Hi Eileen! This cake is beautiful!!