Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bonawitz-Luke, The Wimbish House, 7/11/9

Clay's great with wrangling cakes, but he doesn't have a delicate touch in regards to placing floral on a cake ... and I had a lot of floral to place and needed a delicate touch ... a woman's touch. So Liz was available and willing to help. Thanks, Liz. We gave "The Cake Wrangler" the rest of the afternoon off and we girls headed to The Wimbish House.

Emily Bonawitz and Joseph Luke IV met with me back in November ... she was very specific as to what her cake would look like. She pulled out a Martha Stewart cake photo from her files. A Four tier cake, green ribbon, and as much hydrangea as possible stuffed between each layer.
Sometimes, after I'm done constructing a cake and step back to look at it ... I get overwhelmed with its beauty ... this was certainly one of those cakes. It was stunning !!! This is one of those cake designs that would look great in any color .... can you picture blue or maroon ribbon/hydrangea !!! I think I did a pretty good job at replicating the design and I hope Emily was happy with it.
I can't wait to see the pro shot !!! This is my first time working with this photographer, so, as soon as I receive pics from Laura Stone (, I'll post !!!
Thanks, Emily for giving me some great vendors to work with ..... Day of Coordination - Ally Haggerty, Unforgettable Soirees; Caterer - Affairs to Remember; Floral - Tamela Scarborough, Southern Bouquets.
Best wishes, Emily and Joseph.


tinysbridetobe said...

Love this gorgeous cake! So glad I could be there to help you with it!

Eileen said...

Monday, August 3, 2009 1:31 PM
From: "Emily Bonawitz"
To: "Eileen M. Carter"
Hi Eileen,

We got the coupon in the mail! Thank you for sending that so promptly :) Our wedding cake was absolutely stunning and delicious! We recieved so many compliments on it! It was perfect and exactly what we wanted. I will be recommending you to all of my friends when they get married! Thank you again!!

Best Regards,
Emily Luke