Sunday, October 31, 2010

FUN CAKES: October 2010

Had plenty of weddings to keep me busy in October .... here are a few of the "extra" cakes done.

Hayden celebrated her 9th birthday with a Rock "Climbing" Star theme ... her color scheme was purple, hot pink, and a little black. I should have taken a photo of the cake table .... everything matched perfectly. Happy Birthday, Hayden.

I'm not supposed to have "favorites", but ..... one of my favorite brides from a couple of years ago, gave me the unique opportunity a couple of months ago to be the first person to know if she and Joe were having a baby boy or a baby girl. My task was to bake a cake and color the batter either pink or blue ... frost it white ... and when the grandparents-to-be cut into the cake, only then did they find out Ashley and Joe were expect a little GIRL !!! Well, it was time for (one of) her baby showers and I was asked to create a cupcake tree decorated in purple and green. I can't wait to meet Miss Delaney Jayne on/around November 30th !!!

Karibeth had a ghostly Halloween party, so this adorable ghost cake served as her centerpiece (as well as dessert). Her favors were ghost oreo's nestled in candy corn. Too cute.

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