Saturday, October 3, 2009

Amero-Graves, Magnolia Hall, 10/3

Magnolia Hall, built in 1945, was originally a blacksmith's forge and has it's original fireplace still in place. (3200 square feet and seats 150). The color palette chosen for Lauren Amero and Ben Graves reception looked awesome (burnt orange and brown).

When we arrived, I could see Lauren from a distance ... she looked beautiful ... but I didn't want to disturb her photo shoot. I had heard though that she was asking if I had arrived yet ... actually, I'm sure it was not I she was looking for ... she was very excited about her cake design and was really asking if the cake had arrived yet !!! (ha ha ha)

I went inside and got situated while Clay began to bring in the cake ... each layer was about 7 inches tall, three flavors (red velvet / white / strawberry filled with cream cheese). The floral stems were hand drawn and orange Dahlia's were placed at the top of each stem ... in different stages of bloom. Which is why I have named this cake: "In Stages of Bloom". It always turns out pretty .. no matter what color or type of floral you choose .. all you need is floral in stages of bud to full bloom.

The Groom's cake was chocolate, filled with chocolate buttercream and frosted with dark chocolate fudge .. it smelled amazing ... oh, and it was covered with tuxedo strawberries (which I have Kelley to thank for ... she wanted to help, I needed the help, so after a little tutoring, she took that task and did a great job!)

Congratulations, Lauren and Ben !!!

Photo: Laura Stone (Artstar)
Music: Spectrum (Matt)
Caterer: Affairs to Remember (Lindsey Star)
Floral: Tamela Scarborough - Southern Bouquets
Baker: me

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