Monday, October 12, 2009

Dym-Hastings, Silverbell Pavillion, 10/11/9

Denise Dym and Ian Hastings had married a couple of months prior .... but it was a private ceremony. So, for friends and family who wanted to witness the joining of this couple, Denise and Ian had an "official" ceremony and reception ... complete with dancing / dining / partying !!!

For those of you who know me ... you know that I've made my reputation on buttercream creations ... you also know that I dislike the taste and use of fondant. Well, my brides continue to push my fondant limits by bringing me extraordinary designs made only with fondant. So, I've dabbled here and there .... and after creating this cake, I may just start playing with fondant a little more. I doubt I will cover a cake in fondant, but I sure will play with fondant accents. I thought this cake came out great. With the help of Clay, we made fondant leaves that I painted red/gold/green and then while at the venue, we rolled stems and twigs using dark chocolate fondant.

I knew I did well when I heard from behind me ... "Oh Wow ! You nailed it !!!" Denise had sent Ian to the Pavillion to check if the cake had arrived.

The "pavillion" was the Silverbell Pavillion at the Emory Conference Center. They have been doing some major renovations and I believe are finished .. and it looks awesome. They even have a 6 lane bowling alley (Wisteria Lanes) .. complete with a beverage area and pool tables. In fact, that's where Denise and Ian had their "rehearsal" party the night before.

Congratulations to you both.


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Eileen said...

FROM: Denise Dym
TO: Eileen M. Carter

Hi Eileen,

Just a quick note to say the cake was FABULOUS!!! It looked beautiful and tasted awesome. There were a lots of compliments. We had a great time at our reception.

Thanks so much for your great work. Saw you already posted on your blog about it, it looks great!

Take care,