Tuesday, March 24, 2009

RENOVATIONS ... done for now !!!

At the beginning of the year I had big renovation plans ... my list included the living room, dining room/kitchen, TV room, master bedroom and master bathroom. The only thing I had time to finish was the master bedroom and bathroom. WOW ... what a difference. It's so pretty. I find myself standing in the doorway, admiring the new look. We went from yellow wallpaper with a green/burgundy swag border (yuk, old fashioned) in the bedroom to a soft tan paint on the walls called Bittersweet Stem (which I just love); and from a painted bright yellow in the bath, to a silver blue paint. I've had the bedding for a year ... It has shades of brown from rich dark brown to creamy tan ... and a little silver blue highlight. So that's the color I accented with ... blue pillows, blue accent rugs (on order), etc. We went from carpet to laminate flooring too ... that in itself was a huge difference. I just love how the bedroom came out.

Now ... let's give credit where credit is due ..... once upon a time, when I moved into this house, my master bedroom had grasscloth on the walls ... well, when we removed the paper, and after painting the room, we realized that the glue used on the wallpaper had soaked into the drywall. Problem: when you paint over glue, the paint won't stick. Thus the reason why I had to wallpaper my bedroom. So, when I was removing the yellow wallpaper, it was coming off in small one inch strips. It would have taken forever, so I asked my handyman, Brian Gayton, to come in and hang 1/4" drywall over my walls. He did an outstanding job. The seams are perfect and I will no longer have the issue of peeling paint. I painted the ceiling and walls (and decorated). Clay did an awesome job on the floor.

If you are looking for an honest, hard working, reasonably priced handyman to come in to take care of your house projects (he does practically everything ... painting/woodwork/electrical; etc), please contact Brian at:
1 Source Handyman Services
678-343-5131 (cell phone)
Now that wedding season is really upon me, I need to put all other renovation plans on the back burner .... but as I have a free day here and there (who am I kidding) .... I might pick a wall and paint it .... or trash the sofa and buy a love seat ... or paint a ceiling. Eventually I'll get it all done.


KLS said...

Congrats! It looks like a wonderful retreat :) Let me know if you ever need help painting. I actually enjoy it!

Fran said...

Beautiful, Eileen! You deserve it!