Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lloyd-Cadden, Chateau Elan, 3/14/9

Kelly Lloyd and Dan Cadden are the sweetest couple .. loved them, but am afraid I disappointed Dan. He asked me to create a 3-D fish for him ... a Marlin .... what I created was a fish .. but not a Marlin. When I went back to pick up the plateau I pulled Kelly and Dan aside and apologized to Dan ... and he gave me a big hug and his comment was "what are you talking about .. I loved it !!!" The fish was a chocolate cake filled with strawberry cream cheese ... I've saved the extra filling and put it on my morning bagel .. YUM !!!

The wedding cake on the other hand ..... came out great. The exterior icing color was Taupe which is a tough color to make ... it's a greyish/brownish color. When you add the white scroll detail however, it really pops !!!! The cake was white, but the fillings alternated between Lemon and cream cheese (together) and sliced strawberries.

Another new photographer: Mossy Creek Photography ..... I'll post their info once I receive the pro shot.

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