Friday, January 23, 2009

Fitzgerald-O'Reilly, Magnolia Hall, 1/23/9

Wedding season has begun !!! This is my first wedding cake of 2009 ... and am pleased to announce it will grace the cover of my portfolio for the year !!!!

When we arrived, Magnolia Hall was set up for the ceremony, with pre-ceremony cocktails in tents off to the side. I got a chance to see Noelle Fitzgerald and Connor O'Reilly take their vows. Noelle looked beautiful.

As soon as the ceremony was over and the room cleared .... it was time to flip the room. The caterer (Endive) got busy bringing in tables, and Clay and I got busy bringing in the cake.

The cake was vanilla filled with cookies n' cream (yum). The third layer from the top was fake. Each layer had an ascending cascade of silver dregee's. Noelle had purchased a variety of silver ornaments for me to place around the base and smaller ornaments from which to create a topper.

Photo by a photographer newcomer ... Sara Chapman. As soon as she gets a website, I'll let you know how to reach her.

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