Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lewis-Kim, Park Tavern, 8/30/8

Our second of 3 deliveries for the day .... we head to Atlanta for the reception of Cathy Lewis and Danny Kim. What a great pair. So in love. We flew (75+ mph) to Park Tavern (Piedmont Park). I actually took a half way decent shot of the wedding cake, but have replaced it with the pro shot anyway. Danny came out to say hello while I was setting up the cake. My job is awesome .. I get to see my clients on the happiest day of their life !!! This couple had a little bit of drama on their day however, but when I went back later that night to pick up the cake plateau's ... both Cathy and Danny had relaxed and were "dancing fools" on the dance floor and were having a great time.

Cathy had asked me to make an extra cake for display .. it was a Grandparent's cake ... and it was to honor the memory of Cathy's grandparents (who just had recently passed). The cake topper was the actual cake topper the Grandparents used when they got married (70 years ago).
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