Saturday, July 26, 2008

Akins-Colley, Primrose Cottage, 7/26/8

My blog would not be complete without talking about this cake .... it turned out to be one of my best achievements of the year so far. The reception was held at Primrose Cottage in Alpharetta ..... a historic home built in 1838 ... they've done a great job incorporating the old with the new .. leaving exposed old bricks as they added on the reception area. It is an all-inclusive facility ... you use their caterer / their florist / their cake person ..... therein lies the problem. They charge a huge per slice fee for their cakes ... and when my bride (Fran) showed their baker the cake she wanted .. they wouldn't do it in buttercream. So after meeting with me, and considering my per slice fee and adding Primrose Cottage's per slice fee to cut the cake, it was still less expensive for me to do the cake that no one else would do. It turned out to be my tallest cake this year. I needed to borrow a ladder to put it together. I'm very proud of how it came out. For all of you Auburn fans .. you'll like the groom cake ....
Wedding cake Photo courtesy of Fran's Uncle
Groom cake photo courtest of me

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Fran said...

And I LOVED my cake! It was just how I imagined in the windows of the garden room. And DELICIOUS! Thanks Eileen!