Saturday, July 19, 2008

O'Keeffe-Reis, Biltmore Hotel, 7/19/8

Colleen O'Keeffe and Kyle Reis didn't want my signature flat finish .. but instead wanted what I refer to as an "old fashioned" frosting technique .. the kind my mom used to do on all of her cakes. .... they didn't want my signature vanilla buttercream, either ..... they wanted my chocolate buttercream (yum). The cake came out great.

Understandably, some brides don't like to "share" their day ... but this bride had a niece (flower girl) who's 6th birthday was the same day. I had read in the timeline that they were planning to cut a slice of cake (vanilla filled w/ baileys), stick a candle in it, and give it to this little girl. I quickly threw a little two-tiered cake in the oven, frosted it in white using the same texture as the wedding cake, put a candle on the top and had it ready to present to this sweet little girl.

Art Pinney (photographer) caught great images of both the wedding cake and the birthday cake. I can only imagine her entire wedding collection ... Enjoy.

Photos Courtesy of Art Pinney Photography (

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