Sunday, April 7, 2013

WEDDING: Vinson-Knight, The Variety Works, 4/7/13

BRIDE:  Lauren Vinson
Variety Works, Madison, GA
GROOM:  Rusty Knight
VENUE:  The Variety Works

It was one of the loveliest weather days in April.  Bright sun, blue skies with a few clouds, and warm temps.  We headed to The Variety Works in Madison.  We had been there once before (back in October).  Love this venue.  They were using my cake plateau so Clay and I had to stay in the area for a while in order to return after the cake cutting to grab the plateau and head home. 

I met Lauren (along w/ her mom Terry) on February 11th.  After some discussion, Lauren decided on the upward ruffle design ... the color would be a cream to pink ombre.  I love creating this design.  The hardest thing is figuring out the start and ending coloring ... making sure not to add too much color to mess up the continuous shading. I got to see Lauren when I went back to pick up the plateau ... she loved her cake.

Rusty's nickname is BEAR ... so we created the Rusty Bear groom cake for him.  It came out cute and I hope he was pleased with it.

6" - Strawberry cake filled w/ Strawberry Cream Cheese
8" - Vanilla cake filled w/ Vanilla Buttercream
10" - Strawberry cake filled w/ Strawberry Cream Cheese
12" - Vanilla cake filled w/ Vanilla Buttercream

10" - Chocolate cake filled w/ Chocolate Buttercream

Photographer:  Justin Wojtczak - 375 Photography (
Floral:  LePetit Jardin
Caterer: Celebrate the Occasion
Music:  Louie Guzzo - Spectrum Entertainment
DOC:  Donna Rector


Eileen said...

Received from the Mother of the Bride, 4/9/13.

Wow! The wedding cake was so beautiful and the colors perfect! The groom's cake was adorable and the DJ played "Oh won't you be my Teddy Bear" by Elvis Presley when they cut the cake. So many people commented on how tasty and light they were. Thanks for your hard work and creativity.I'm sure Lauren and Rusty will order a small cake for their first anniversary. Thanks again-it was a pleasure doing business with you! Terry Vinson

Eileen said...

Received from the Bride, 5/18/13.

Wanted to thank you again for an AMAZING job with both cakes. I get so many compliments on them when I show people pictures. Thank you for sharing your talent with us on our special day!

Lauren Knight