Saturday, July 31, 2010

WEDDING: Powell-McCarthy, Barnsley Gardens, 7/31/10

What a great wedding to end my July with. This was my second trip to Barnsley Gardens ..... and each time we have run into some horrific thunder storms on the way up. I was glad to see however that the rain had come and gone so that CJ and Jim could stick with their original plan to marry at the ruins and party at the Town Hall.

When CJ Powell and Jim McCarthy met with me .... I felt very comfortable with them, like I had known them for years. Having looked through my blog prior to our meeting, CJ knew exactly which design she wanted. She brought with her a copy of the "The Best of ..." cake done a month earlier. Their reception was small in numbers and didn't need many servings, so with the middle tier Fake .. it only served 64.

I often tell folks that "I drive like a mad woman" when I deliver cakes ... well, after delivering this one, I was zooming down a straight open road and just ahead to the right was one of Adairville's finest ..... he flashed his lights to tell me to "slow it down, sister" .. and I did. :)

I wish CJ and Jim many happy years together. Thanks for allowing me to play such an important role on your special day.

Music: Children of the bride/groom
Photo: Niece of the Groom
Floral: Poes Bloomers, JoAnn Brown
Caterer: Barnsley Gardens Resort

Wedding Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" Square - Vanilla cake filled w/ fresh sliced strawberries
8" Square - FAKE
10" Square - Chocolate cake filled w/ Chocolate buttercream

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Eileen said...

Date: August 4, 2010
From: "CJ Powell"


Our wedding cake was absolutely beautiful and it tasted wonderful and I wanted to email you and let you know how much I really appreciate all that you did to make our day so perfect! Unfortunately, we left the leftover cake in our cottage refrigerator and was not able to enjoy it again once we got home ... so I will look forward to our one year anniversary cake! I can already tell you the chocolate with chocolate we LOVED! :-)

Thank you again for everything and I will highly recommend you to anyone!

With Love,
CJ and Jim