Thursday, July 29, 2010

FUN CAKES: July 2010

JULY 2010

In addition to 4 wedding cakes and 2 groom cakes (look for the individual July wedding posts) ..... I've kept busy with the following:

My friend Liz celebrated her 30th birthday in style .... a leopard print bustier was in order ....

Belle was created for a 3rd birthday celebration.

This post-wedding cake was created for EJ Sadler of Blue World Studios who recently married and needed a small cake to celebrate with. Thanks, EJ for the photo.

This Basket o' Berries cake was created for an 80th birthday celebration.

Former bride and forever client Nacirema Stewart ordered this "money" cake for Otis's birthday celebration to let him know that he is "priceless".

Leslie ordered this cake for a friends baby shower. This is a replica of the shower invitation. Too cute.

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tinysbridetobe said...

LOVED my cake and love you too! Thank you for such a special and fun cake. We all loved it, including Chance who stares at the cake constantly wondering if he is going to get more!