Friday, January 1, 2010


I receive many emails and phone calls for cake requests other than weddings. So to give you a search area for some ideas for a child's next birthday party; or if you're giving a baby shower and need ideas for the cake; or perhaps you just want a pretty cake for some occasion.... and to just show you some "non-wedding" cakes that I've done .... watch for the following cake categories to appear on the blog. The categories will be created as the cakes are created.

KIDS CORNER will have cakes of all kinds specifically created for Children of all ages.
BABYCAKES will have cakes created for baby showers / dedications
PULL-A-PART CAKES ... made from cupcakes ... just grab n' go ... no cake cutting needed.
HELLO, CUPCAKE !!! Cupcake designs for all occasions.
JUST PLAIN PRETTY ... these don't really have a category but are just plain pretty cakes that could be used for bridal showers, feminine birthdays, etc.
COLLEGE ... Looking for a college logo ?
PRO LEAGUE .... My interpretation of pro-Baseball / Hockey / Football logo's
JUST FOR FUN .. I didn't really have a category for these either, but they are fun cakes.

I hope you enjoy browsing .....

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