Friday, January 1, 2010

WELCOME 2010 !

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! and what a year this is going to be ... I have 34 weddings already confirmed .. I even have a 2011 client already. Information requests and my tasting schedule go out daily. Just wait until you see the cakes for 2010 ... they are going to be amazing. Such style, color, and feathers ... yes, feathers !!! My customers are taking me to the next level for sure !

The cover of my annual portfolio is saved for my first wedding cake of the year ... and I'm thrilled to announce that the wedding cake of Liz Kemp and Tim Kelly will grace the cover of my 2010 portfolio !!! Congratulations Liz and Tim ... see you soon.

In an effort to grow my business in 2010, I'm going to try some new things:

Advertising: I've always said that word of mouth advertising is the best advertising .. and that has worked for me for a long time and still does, but an advertising opportunity presented itself. After careful consideration (and an incredible deal), I am thrilled to announce that in addition to word of mouth advertising, I am marketing my business with The Knot Wedding Network and partnering with two top wedding brands: The Knot and WeddingChannel.

Gift Certificates are available !!! You'll see more about this in a separate post, but I think they'll be a hit.

Favors: In addition to the many cakes that are created, I would like to get into providing favors for your guests. These can be wedding favors / baby shower favors / birthday favors / etc. More details to come.

Let me introduce you to the people who make up Eileen Carter Creations:

Eileen (aka The Cake Lady) - my Cake Lady nickname was given to me by my past clients .. and it has stuck. I've been baking cakes for 25 years ... I worked for a major corporation for most of those years, able only to create as time permitted. Until 2004 when I returned home from my honeymoon and got the word that they didn't need me anymore. So I created Eileen Carter Creations and haven't stopped yet. I absolutely LOVE my job.

Clay (The Cake Wrangler) - without his love and support (and brawn) I would not be The Cake Lady. He arrives with a smile and makes all around him smile. He's a hugger ... and often while I'm working on a cake, he can be found giving hugs to his favorite florists, coordinators, and/or photographers.

Shelby - here is someone you will probably never meet as she works hard behind the scenes ... Shelby is 71 and goes to my church ... her job is to make sure I have enough icing to get thru the day and to clean all of the many pans that I go thru in a week. I don't know how I made it before I hired Shelby.

Kelley - let me introduce to you Kelley Statham. Kelley is a former bride of mine (2007) and good friend. I've recently spent some time with her providing cake decorating lessons in an effort to better utilize her skills within Eileen Carter Creations. She has since created KelleyCakes and is off and running with her own business, but will come under the fold of Eileen Carter Creations when needed. I look forward to a great business relationship with her as well as having a close friendship.

Liz - Liz Kemp is another friend (and bride) ... she's a joy to be with. Always willing and able to help with deliveries. I look forward to working with her
more in 2010 (after her January wedding).

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