Friday, December 5, 2008

Robida-Thornberg, Wimbish House, 12/5/8

I had such a great time while setting up for this wedding .... I got to see some 'ol familiar vendor faces that I hadn't seen in a while (Heather Oliver from Stylish Stems and Kirkley Hennessey from Avalanche) ... and for the 4th week in a row ..... EJ and Janet (Blue World Studio) were busy capturing all the goings on for Jill and Ray Thornberg.

Jill and Ray had both, the ceremony and reception, downstairs at The Wimbish House. So, as soon as the ceremony was over, all guests travelled upstairs for the cocktail hour, and the vendors got busy transforming the beautiful cermony setting into a lavish reception. I was busy setting up the cake in the corner ... and noticed that I had an audience of one ..... an adorable flower girl who was intently trying to figure out how I was getting those little balls (bead border) to come out of that bag I was holding. I finished the cake, and she and I agreed that it was beautiful. Time to place the topper on the cake .... a multiloop ribbon bow. I had started the bow at the house, and finished it at the site by adding individual loops of ribbon .. I asked my "assistant" if she would like to help .... she held my icing bag and would squeeze a small drop of icing on the loops of ribbon and I placed them on the cake top. We made a great team. I didn't think to take a picture of this with my camera, but know that EJ (Blue World) got a shot and I'll post it later. Too cute.

Jill wanted a substantial wedding cake in size, but with having a dessert station (thru the caterer), didn't need a whole bunch of wedding cake. So, to get the look of a large cake, I baked the top three tiers and used fake cakes for the bottom two. Different designs on each layer always makes a pretty cake.

Congratulations, Jill and Ray !!!

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