Saturday, December 27, 2008

Harmelin-Royal, The Temple, 12/27/8

My last cake of 2008 ...........

I can't tell you how many times Clay and I drove right by The Temple .... never noticing it, nor how architectually beautiful it was. This was my first delivery ever to The Temple on Peachtree Street. My goodness, what a beautiful building. I love roaming thru the venues that I've delivered to ... places like The Fox, The Biltmore, etc., but Dayna, my bride, asked me to arrive at 6:00p which was too late for me to roam as her wedding was to start at 6:30p. Perhaps I'll get another opportunity in 2009.

Sometimes, simple cakes turn out elegant. That was the case for Dayna Harmelin and Jeremy Royal's wedding cake. The huge ballroom was full of guest tables with high centerpieces, and a live band ..... their cake was simple yet so pretty. Three tiers of white cake filled with Bailey's ... a flat finish, wine ribbon border. The florist (Carithers) placed the orchids and spray roses.

The groom cake ... Curious George Goes to the Doctor ..... was created as a surprise to the groom, Jeremy. (yes, I believe he is a doctor). It was chocolate cake filled w/ mousse (yum).

Photo's by Edward Zeltser Photography (

NOTE: The last time I had a cake photographed by Mr. Z was back in 2005 when I created the Hostess Cupcake cake (which many have smiled at while looking thru my portfolio). Thanks for the fast turnaround, Edward ... (and I'm sure Dayna/Jeremy appreciate it too).

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Dayna said...

Eileen, your cake was so wonderful, beautiful and awesone tasting! Thank you!

Dayna & Jeremy