Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bhula-Patel, Holiday Inn - Roswell, 12/20/8

Seema Bhula and Rakesh Patel met with me on 12/8 (for a 12/20 wedding). That sure was cutting it close. This was my 3rd and final cake of the day. Their colors were purple and teal .... I wish you could have seen the lighting and decor at their reception ... beautiful purple and teal fabrics, draped and adorned with jewels ... Gorgeous !!!

They needed a tall cake to accommodate their many guests ... the top two were red velvet, the 3rd layer was fake, the 4th was chocolate and the 5th was vanilla. Seema chose a pretty scroll pattern from my portfolio ... the scroll work was done in a purple/eggplant color with teal dots here and there.

When Clay went back later that evening to pick up the plateau, he said "the joint was still jumpin". A great time was being had by all.

Photo by me.

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