Sunday, March 24, 2013

WEDDING: Pulliam-Cubit, The Biltmore Ballrooms, 3/24/13

The Biltmore Ballrooms, Atlanta
BRIDE:  Joyce Pulliam
GROOM:  Travis Cubit
VENUE:  The Biltmore Ballrooms

One of the nicest couples I'll ever meet.  Fell in love with both, and had lots of sports fun with Travis ... he's a New York (Giants) fan, I am a Patriot and Falcon fan.  I even went so far as to send condolences to him when the Giants were taken out.

The wedding cake went through a couple of design changes, but when they sent me their "this is it" inspiration photo ... I loved it ... mixing round with hexagon layers ... a punch of color .... BAM !!!

Being a New England/Falcon fan, I had a hard time creating Travis' groom cake/cupcake design .. I just had to repeat many times ... it's only a cake .. it's only a cake !!!  LOL 

I wish Joyce and Travis many years of happiness.

6" Round - White cake filled w/ Raspberry
9" Hexagon - White cake filled w/ Cream Cheese
12" Round - White cake filled w/ Raspberry
15" Hexagon - White cake filled w/ Cream Cheese

Chocolate cake filled w/ Chocolate Buttercream

Venue:  The Biltmore Ballrooms (
Photographer:  Sophia Barrett (
Music:  Spontaneous Entertainment
Florist:  Stylish Stems (
Caterer:  Soiree Catering (
DOC:   Eliana B (

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