Sunday, March 28, 2010

WEDDING: Williams-Stewart, Cafe 267, 3/28/10

This couple has really tested the meaning of "commitment" ... they have gone through so much before getting married ... that their marriage should be a breeze.

Nacirema Williams contacted me in August of 2008 .. we met in September of 2008. She was "sold" the night of her tasting appointment, but it was confirmed when she brought home the cake for Otis to try ... and he licked his plate clean !!! I've been holding a place on my calendar for her ever since.

Her original wedding date was March 29, 2009 but decided to postpone to October ... not a problem. Well, in July of 2009, Otis was in a severe accident and in need of much rehabilitation and many prayers. Shortly after the first of this year, I received an email stating that Otis was walking again and hopefully would be dancing on their big day .... March 28th, 2010 (almost a year from their original date).

Their wedding/reception was held at Cafe 267 in Tucker. I had never heard of this venue, but upon our arrival, I was pleasantly surprised at the inside decor.

Their cake: 1/2 red velvet; 1/2 vanilla filled w/ cream cheese. The top cake was real .. the middle and bottom were fake. Two 1/2 sheet cakes were baked and brought to the kitchen for cutting.

Although there is not one ounce of Asian in Naci ... she wanted to add an Asian flare to her cake. I call it: FIRE and ICE. The Fire and Ice symbols are handwritten on her middle tier. Loved how the cake turned out.

So it is with joy that I congratulate Nacirema Williams and Otis Stewart. You have proven to me that love withstands anything. I wish you many walks, many dances, and many happy years together.

Photo: Garrett O'Connor Photography (
Floral: Georgia Griffin
Caterer: Cafe 267
Music: Glass Dee Entertainment (Derrick Anderson)
DOC: Carla DuPont-Huger
Cake: Eileen Carter Creations : )

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Eileen said...

FROM: Nacirema Williams
TO: Eileen Carter
DATE: April 5, 2010 11:59am

Hi Eileen,
I just wanted to say thank you so much! The cake was stunning! I'll be putting the blog up in the next week. You are amazing and you have a customer forever with me! We love you and thank you for your prayers and making our day so