Saturday, March 6, 2010

WEDDING: Harris-Baldwin, VFW Post 4706, 3/6/10

I really enjoyed my time spent with this couple. Marguerite Harris and Donald Baldwin have great chemistry between them and such personality. They made me laugh often. I really wish I could have stayed at their wedding to witness the joining of this couple and watched as they gathered friends and family to celebrate.

When Clay and I arrived at the VFW, no one was there, nothing was set up ..... it was approaching 5:00 when I decided I had to make a phone call or two to the Coordinator, the person in charge of decorating, and the Caterer ... the only one who answered their phone was Cathy (the caterer) who was en route. As soon as she got there, she let me know where the cake was to be placed and I got to work. Clay offered to help her arrange the room (move tables/chairs) and get the reception set up. After I was done with the cake, I pitched in also. It sure was looking like a reception by the time we left.

Marguerite wanted a simple cake ... no design except for a red ribbon at the base of each layer. The topper was a glitzy "B".

The entire cake was made of white cake with alternating fillings of raspberry buttercream and Bailey's

I can't wait to hear from Marguerite and Donald and listen to the wonderful stories about their wedding and reception that I'm sure they will have lots of. Best wishes to you both.

Vendors: Family friends served as their vendors for the most part ...
Music: ?
Caterer: a friend, Cathy
Photographer: member of their church
Floral: ?
Cake: Eileen Carter Creations : )

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Marguerite Baldwin said...

I was overwhelmed when I arrived to the reception. The cake was the first thing I noticed, it was so beautiful, just as I imagined. Eileen made this day GREAT for me, I enjoyed the cake over and over again. I have recommended her to several friends and I will be using her myself just for those I want something sweet days and birthdays.