Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chatham-Silva, Primrose Cottage, 2/21/9

Check out these cakes created for Emily Chatham and Rodrigo Silva. Their reception was at Primrose Cottage. The wedding cake was 5 tiers, but the bottom was fake. Alternating flavors of Lemon cake filled w/ raspberry and white cake filled w/ Lemon .... YUM !!! Alternating designs too ... scrolls and wide spaced dot designs. Thanks to Heather Oliver ( for leaving the beautiful yellow roses for me to place on top.

Now the groom cake was made for serious chocolate lover's .... a 4 tier hexagonal shape ... chocolate cake filled w/ Bailey's, frosted with chocolate buttercream, and adorned with chocolate covered strawberries and 3 boxes of Godiva milk and dark chocolates. It looked (and smelled) amazing. Before I placed the strawberries and chocolates on the cake, Clay looked at it from across the room and said that it looked like the shape of a chocolate fountain ... and it did.

2009 is giving me the opportunity to work with vendors "new" to me. This is the first time working with this photographer ( LOVE their style.

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Eileen said...

From: Emily C Silva

Hi Eileen!

Thanks so much for the amazing cakes!

Everybody loved the wedding cake and grooms cake, I attached a few pictures but I don't have my professional ones in yet.

The cakes were beautiful and delicious. I loved how the Godiva cake turned out and everyone was raving about it.

Thanks again,

Emily C. Silva