Friday, March 16, 2012

WEDDING: Cantos-Suarez, Private Residence, 3/16/12

BRIDE and GROOM:  Valeria Cantos and Diego Suarez
VENUE: Private Residence

I was first contacted by Diego (the Groom) mid-February requesting my assistance in creating their wedding cake.  We met a couple of days later, tasted cake, and they were sold.  Back then, I was working out of Miami Circle with friend, Nancy, who happened to be a Chef.  They learned that we (Nancy and I) did a little catering, so ... they came back to taste our products and they were sold again and we ended up not only creating their wedding and groom cakes, but catered their entire event.

It was a long day and night ... but their friends and families are wonderful people .. and the bride and groom ... well, I love them both and can't wait to see them again on their first anniversary. 

Floral:   a friend
Photo:   a friend
Music:   a friend
Caterer:  Flour Creations
DOC:   none

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