Sunday, January 1, 2012


What do you get ... when you take Eileen Carter Creations and combine it with The Flour Shoppe? You get .....

(The Flour Shoppe + Eileen Carter Creations)

Recently, an opportunity presented itself that made me ask "Who can I work with to create tasteful and beautiful cakes? Who can help me change the cakeworld? Who compliments my skill set? Who would my skills compliment? Who has similar goals and vision that I do?

I am pleased to announce the collaboration between Eileen Carter Creations and The Flour Shoppe. I have moved my shop out of my home and am now in a commercial environment. We are still in the process of organizing and setting up the shop, and baking up a storm. I hope to have everything put in its place by the Holidays.

I am still Eileen Carter Creations .... Nancy still has The Flour Shoppe .... but when we work together on a cake or catering an event we become Flour Creations.

My strengths are Nancy's weaknesses ..... Nancy's strengths are my weaknesses ... and together we are a force to reckon with in the cake industry. I'm so excited for this new endeavor and partnership and hope that you will be too.

We are not open to the public .... we are available to meet by appointment only. Our contact information follows:

Workshop, 4/254-3190
Eileen Carter, 7/815-1469 or
Nancy Short, 4/545-8521 or

We look forward to working with you soon.

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