Friday, September 17, 2010

WEDDING: Travis-Smith, Anthony's Fine Dining, 9/17/10

Remember ... if you have plenty of wedding cake, you can always use the grooms cake at the rehearsal dinner. This is what Rob and Kelly chose to do. This Golf Ball cake with picked up on Thursday and brought to Maggiano's (Perimeter) for all to enjoy.

Kelly Travis and Rob Smith chose Anthony's Fine Dining as the site of their reception ... I've never had the opportunity to dine at Anthony's but have heard it is very good.

Kelly and Rob needed a "cutting cake" and cupcakes. A cutting cake is a little 6" cake made specifically for the "cake cutting ceremony". The Fat Dot design was chosen ... add a lovely arrangement on the top and you've got one pretty cake.

Bring on the cupcakes !!! 18 dozen to be exact ... Red Velvet, Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla. When I went back later that evening, the hot "flavors" were Red Velvet and Strawberry !!! Folks were taking them out of the box as I was helping pack the leftovers.

Music: Goodfellas (Band)
Photo: will provide contact info once I receive the professional photo's.
Floral: Edge Design Group
Caterer: Anthony's
DOC: Christina Perry Events 7/312-0533

Wedding Cutting Cake Flavor/Filling:
6" - Chocolate cake filled w/ Cherry

Wedding Cupcakes:
Chocolate cupcakes filled w/ Strawberry Buttercream
Vanilla Cupcakes filled w/ Chocolate Buttercream
Red Velvet Cupcakes filled w/ Cream Cheese
Strawberry Cupcakes filled w/ Cream Cheese

Groom Cake Flavor/Filling:
Chocolate cake filled w/ Cookies n' cream

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