Tuesday, January 1, 2008


When I was in middle school, I loved and excelled in Art class. But as I approached high school, my guidance counselor said "don't get into Art .. it will never get you anywhere". So I dropped art and spent decades in the corporate environment in secretarial and project management positions. Today, thru my cake designs, I'm back in art and love what I do. Thank you to my many brides and regular customers for allowing me to play such an important role with their special events.

Now, I couldn't do this without .... my husband, Clay. The love of my life. He is my legs and my strength and affectionately known out in the industry as "The Cake Lady's Man" and/or "The Cake Wrangler".

THIS BLOG: A special thank you goes to Jody Lynn Williams ... whose perseverance made this blog a reality. Jody was one of my 2005 brides and her cake design is one of my most requested. Since 2005, she has been determined to create an avenue for future clients to view my work. Although this blog is still under construction ... I'll update each week to share my weekend "projects". I hope you enjoy it.

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