Sunday, May 10, 2015

Here's What's Cookin' .... May 4-10, 2015

Sal ordered his daughter Sophia’s 1st Holy Communion cake

Jill and Amanda celebrated their union with an intimate gathering of friends/family at Terminal West At King Plow 

Faxon is a teenager (how did that happen) and celebrated #13 at WhirlyBall

Lois N. ordered a pretty bridal shower cake

Cayce ordered a monster truck for Colten’s 4th birthday celebration

and last but not least, we went to Summerour Studio for Ashley and Noah’s wedding. 

Have a great week. We'll be back next Monday with another update of Here's What's Cookin' !

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


NOTE: This post will be re-posted each month to make it easier to find.

The best (and preferred) way to reach us is by email:

For all of your cake/cookie/favors/cupcake needs, contact Eileen Carter:

If you need to call, we can be reached at

Eileen Carter: 770-815-1469

If we don't answer, please don't hesitate to leave a message. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

For Wedding / Groom cake requests, please provide the following information:
- Wedding Date
- Wedding Ceremony Start Time
- Wedding Ceremony Location
- Will you be having a cocktail hour? If so, what time is it scheduled to begin?
- Reception Start Time
- Reception Location
- Number of guests expected to feed

For all other cake requests, please provide the following information:
- Event Date / Time
- Theme: Bridal or Baby shower, Birthday, Anniversary, etc.
- How many do you need to feed?

For all wedding/party favors/candy/cookies, please provide the following information:
- Event Date/Time
- Occasion
- How many will you need to feed ?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Here's What's Cookin' April 27-May 3, 2015

To describe our schedule for the month of May … the word “busy” would be an understatement. (and I know I’m not the only vendor with a crazy May schedule). 

 So this week we start off with Erin’s adorable summer cupcakes

Candi C. ordered an Ironman themed creation for Ryan’s 4th birthday 
We were asked to create a cake for a photoshoot at the beautiful Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club - can't show it until it gets accepted and is published (sorry).   

Hallie turned 10 with a mustache themed cake

Georgia Tech alum will love the graduation cake ordered by Mendy

the Neely-Crawford wedding was held at The Cotton Warehouse

and last but not least, the Dowse-Osario Wedding was held at Venue 92

Have a great week. We'll be back next Monday with another update of Here's What's Cookin' !


The Blog is under construction ... all past info will remain as is, but going forward it will be  updated on a weekly basis .... monday ... with one post per week with photos of creations made.

Thanks for your patience.  It's going to be great to be back into the blog again.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

WEDDING: Diaz-Reyes, Vines Mansion, 8/18/13

BRIDE:  Libby Diaz
GROOM:  Raul Reyes
VENUE:  Vines Mansion, Loganville

Vines Mansion - large or small, they can handle your wedding.  Located in Loganville, just off 78.  The grounds around this home are absolutely gorgeous. 

Libby and Raul met with me back in March and signed with me on the spot.  What really won me their cake order was when their daughter Naomi tasted the cakes and decided that I just had to create her birthday cake in November ... chocolate, of course. 

Libby looked like a princess in her gown, Raul very handsome.  Tiffany Blue was the pop color of their wedding ... even many of their guests wore that color as well.  Libby liked a different design on each tier so we did the usual single dot design on the top, their monogram on the 2nd tier, the quilt design on the third, and we changed it a bit by adding a variegated rosette on the fourth.  LOVED how it came out.  I'm anxious to receive the professional photo from David Scruggs. 

WEDDING CAKE Flavor/Filling Selection:
6" - 1/2 Coconut; 1/2 Chocolate cake filled w/ Strawberry Cream Cheese
8" - 1/2 Coconut; 1/2 Chocolate cake filled w/ Strawberry Cream Cheese
10" - 1/2 Coconut;  1/2 Chocolate cake filled w/ Strawberry Cream Cheese
12" - Vanilla cake filled w/ Vanilla Buttercream

Photographer:  David Scruggs, David Scruggs Photography
Floral:  Georgia Griffin
Music:  Jesus Mata
Caterer:  Eagles Landing
Officiant:  Victor Alvarado
DOC:  Barbara, Vines Mansion

Saturday, August 10, 2013

WEDDING: Thomas-Till, King Plow, 8/10/13

BRIDE:  Lauren Thomas
GROOM:  Tyler Till
VENUE:  King Plow

The wedding planner said it best .... "it's clients like Lauren and Tyler who make you realize why we love doing what we do".  She is absolutely correct.  I couldn't agree more.  Every vendor hired by this couple went over and above for them.  That says an awful lot about them both. 

Lauren and Tyler met at Auburn University.  Auburn had to be a part of their wedding somehow.  So Tyler's groom cake was centered around Auburn's Camp War Eagle.   They were both Camp Counsellors.  Lauren's group followed her "popcorn" banner and Tyler's group followed his "Mr. T" banner.  All Tyler wanted was a cake with a cookie on top of it ... that's what he got ... a chocolate cake with a chocolate chip cookie cut to fit the top of the cake. I had a friend of mine create the two figurines for them as a surprise. 

Now the wedding cake ..... just look at this cake display.  Just beautiful.  The Cross was created by a family friend and will hang in the couple's livingroom.  This was the first time succulents have been added to one of my cakes .. I LOVE SUCCULENTS ON A CAKE! 

I sincerely wish Lauren and Tyler a lifetime of happines.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play such an important role on your special day. 

6" - Almond cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream
8" - Almond cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream
10" - Almond cake filled w/ Blueberry
12" - Almond cake filled w/ Cookies n' Cream

10" - Chocolate cake filled w/ Seedless Raspberry
Chocolate Chip Cookie

Photographer:  Carla Gates Photography
Florist:  Tulip
Caterer:  Bold American
Music:  The Neons
DOC:  Jennifer Lackey, Storybook Wedding Consulting

DOC:  Jennifer Lackey, Storybook Wedding Consulting

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm a Little Late with my posts ....

If anyone tells you that the month of June is the "wedding month" ... they are incorrect.  It used to be, but for the past couple of years, the month of May has taken that title.

May/June were crazy months for this cake lady.  In July, I have had time to rest and recuperate and will begin to update the blog soon.  So watch for the following wedding posts to appear:

  • Sickels-Tucker, 5/25, Villa Serena
  • Yalamanchili-Gopal, 5/26, Omni Hotel CNN Center
  •  Edwards-Gettinger, 6/8, Greystone at Piedmont Park
  • Vytal-Watts, 6/8, Atlanta Botanical Garden
  • Roark-Lee, 6/15, Legacy Point, Lake Lanier 
  • Mason-Morris, 6/28, Old Decatur Courthouse
  • Allen-Hastings, 6/29, Summerour Studio
  • Rackley-Clavon, 6/30, Biltmore Hotel
  • Head-Drake, 7/28, Biltmore Hotel